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Buying & Assigning Seats with an Existing Login

If you already have an account with Mine Safety Center but you want to buy more training, this guide will walk you through the process of adding a credit card, buying seats, and assigning those seats to users. Contact Mine Safety Center if you have difficulty.

Adding a Credit Card

Login to the training portal. Press the button with your username in the upper right corner to open a drop down menu. Select the My Profile option.

Logout sub-menu

On the My Profile page, navigate to the section called Payment Information. Press the Add Card button on the left side. Continue Reading

Online MSHA Training Reporting: A Step-By-Step Guide

You’ve signed up for online MSHA training with MSC. Your employees have started their MSHA training but you want see how far along each of them are. But how do you do that? Here are step-by-step instructions for guiding you through the whole process.

Go to the Mine Safety Center Online Learning Portal and log in to your profile.


Navigate to Reports using the main menu. By default, the Student Records sub-section will open.

My Courses

A list of your employees will be displayed. Use the search box, filter options, or page navigation buttons to locate employees. The column labled “# Open” will tell you which employees have courses that have not yet been completed. Continue Reading

Manager MSHA Certificate Printing – A Step-By-Step Guide

Your employees have finished their MSHA training. As a manager, how do you access and print their MSHA certificates?

Go to the Mine Safety Center Online Learning Portal and log in to your profile.


Navigate to Reports using the main menu. By default, the Student Records sub-section will open.

My Courses

Student Records

A list of your employees will be displayed. Use the search box, filter options, or page navigation buttons to locate employees.

Upon locating the desired employee, click their username. You will be taken to that employee’s individual report. Continue Reading

MSC Trouble Shooting

Experiencing one of these issues?

  1. The video is stuck on loading
  2. How do I change my password?
  3. I forgot my password
  4. I didn’t get my login info
  5. Why is name and address information missing on my certificate?

The video is stuck on loading

If you internet conenction is working, you should never see the loading screen for more than a few seconds.

Loading Screen

If this screen shows up for 30 seconds or more, there are a few simple steps you can take.

  1. Did you complete our system test? If not, start the system test on the My Courses page. This will automatically scan your computer to make sure you meet our system requirements.
  2. What Internet browser are you using? We only support these common browsers:
    1. Google Chrome
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Microsoft Edge – Included with Windows
    4. Apple Safari – Included with MacOS

    We do not support Internet Explorer or iOS at this time.

    If you’re using Google Chrome and still having this issue, try another browser (we suggest Firefox).

    How do I change my password?

    You can change your password by choosing the My Profile option in the user drop-down:

    User Menu

    Enter your new password into both password fields and press save. Continue Reading

Tell MSHA To Delay Their New Workplace Exam Rule

Tomorrow (April 25th) is the last day to let MSHA know that you want their disastrous new workplace exam rule delayed.

You can submit your comment right here.

MSHA Safety Enforcement Update

MSHA has been seeking comments on its proposal to delay the effective date of the metal/non‑metal workplace exam rule “to provide stakeholders training and compliance assistance.”

As Mine Industry Attorney (and friend of MSC) Willa Perlmutter puts it:

It’s an odd basis for saying they want to extend the rule, since the need for stakeholder training and compliance assistance was surely contemplated when the final rule was published back in January.  This leads me to think that MSHA is considering whether to pull (or at least, to radically amend) the rule altogether. Continue Reading

Printing Your MSHA Part 46 Certificate

This guide will teach you to print your MSHA Part 46 Certificate after you’ve already completed your MSHA training with Mine Safety Center.

When you finish MSC’s Part 46 training, you still need to print your MSHA Part 46 Certificate. When all of the modules are complete, a certificate icon will appear on the My Courses page.

My Courses

To print your MSHA certificate, click the icon. Your certificate will open in a new browser tab. Verify the information is correct. Then click the Print Certificate button at the top right. Continue Reading

Editing or Updating MSHA Trainee Info

In order to get the most out of Mine Safety Center’s automatic certificate features, you need to complete information afor each trainee profile, including:

  1. Full name as it appears on a trainee’s birth certificate including middle name (not just an initial) and any suffixes (Jr. etc.) if applicable
  2. The address of the location where the majority of training will take place
  3. The name of the training location. Is that location your office, their home, or some other location?

It’s a good idea to gather all this information before you begin updating your trainee profiles.

How To Update or Edit MSHA Trainee Profiles

Log in to the Mine Safety Center training portal

Login Page

Navigate to Add/Update Users in the main menu

My Courses

Use the search box, filters options, and/or page navigation to locate a specific trainee. When located, click on their username, first, or last name to edit there profile. Continue Reading

Your MSHA Workplace Inspection Form Is Wrong- Want One That’s Not?

We have confirmation on the updated MSHA workplace exam rule after some initial confusion around the Trump Administration’s freeze on all Obama regulations not finalized in the Federal Register. The MSHA workplace exam rule will go into effect on May 23rd as scheduled. This means your current MSHA workplace inspection form will soon be wrong.

Has anyone come up with an MSHA workplace inspection form that meets the new requirements? Yes, and you can get it for free. More on that later.

MSHA workplace inspection form worksite Continue Reading

MSHA Workplace Exam Rules Just Got Harder

It’s official, the new MSHA workplace exam rule will go into effect May 23rd, 2017. We covered this rule change when it was proposed in July. Safety officials and managers across the country had a negative reaction to the proposal, to say the least (more on that later).

What’s in the “New” MSHA Workplace Exam Rule?

Let’s review what’s happening with the MSHA workplace exam rule. There are 4 main changes that will have a massive impact on how mines across the country conduct their workplace exams.

The updated Workplace Exam standard requires: Continue Reading

October is Mining’s Deadliest Month

3 Mine Safety Tips for Changing of Seasons

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Mine safety is a constant work in progress.

Sure everyone buys in during training and safety events, that’s good. But the true test of a safety culture is when your team needs to hit a deadline during the most dangerous month of the year. As MSHA reminds us, “October historically ranks as the deadliest month in metal and nonmetal.”

And in today’s post, I’m going to show you 3 hidden dangers that could impact your company’s safety this fall.

  Continue Reading

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