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Printing Your MSHA Part 46 Certificate

This guide will teach you to print your MSHA Part 46 Certificate after you’ve already completed your MSHA training with MSC.

When you finish MSC’s Part 46 training, you still need to print your MSHA Part 46 Certificate. When all of the modules are complete, a new button will appear on your homepage, like this:
MSHA Part 46 Certificate

To print your MSHA certificate, click the new button.

A new browser window containing your MSHA Part 46 certificate will open. Make sure all the information is correct. Then click the “print certificate” button at the top right of the screen:

MSHA Part 46 Certificate


Your printer options will open, looking like this:

MSHA Part 46 Certificate blank printer options screen

Click “Print” to print a physical copy.


You can also save a digital copy from this menu. This will change depending on your internet browser and computer operating system. But all computers should have an option to “Open PDF” or “Save PDF” like this:

MSHA Part 46 Certificate save digital copy printer options screen



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