MSHA Training Summit Agenda Released: What Does It Mean for 2016?

Updated on October 31, 2015 by Sales Team

MSHA Training Summit Agenda Released- A Quick AnalysisMSHA Training Summit

The annual MSHA Training Summit was held on October 28th. The agenda was released 2 days later. Let’s take a look at some statistics that jumped out at us while going through the agenda.

  • The unfortunate trend of injuries and fatalities on Part 46 mines continues. 3 of 5 fatalities in the 3rd quarter occurred on Part 46 mines. That’s 60% of all fatalities. All indications point to increased MSHA inspections and scrutiny on Part 46 training and compliance.
  • Expect MSHA’s focus on contractor training and paperwork to continue. 2 of the 5 fatalities in 2015 Q3 were contractors.
  • The majority of serious accidents also occurred on Part 46 sites. 3 of the 4 highlighted “serious accidents” occurred on Part 46 sites. 2 on mines and 1 at a cement plant.
  • Of those 780 mines, approximately half are classified as “small mines.” This continues MSHA’s trend from the past 2 years of focusing significant resources on small mines. Now would be a good time to audit your MSHA compliance and training records if you own or manage a small mine.
  • MSHA has conducted 3,174 Training Plan Reviews.
  • MSHA has also conducted 3,769 Training Program Field Reviews.

MSHA has already begun a “surge” on M/NM mines, dramatically increasing the number of inspections with an emphasis on Part 46 operations. Based on Joe Mains’ history, he will increase the number of inspections until injuries and fatalities decrease.

The MSHA Training Summit can be a good indicator of initiatives in the coming year, though it may feel like reading the tea leaves at times. It’s important to analyze what MSHA might highlight to prepare your company. You can see the full MSHA Training Summit agenda for yourself here.

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