MSHA Part 46 Online Training For Busy Contractors

MSHA Part 46 Online Training Saved This Busy Contractor’s Time

Bill McCasey of Swan Electric, Inc. needed MSHA Part 46 Online Training as soon as possible for a job. But they needed a flexible training schedule to avoid shutting down their main business. Swan’s manager decided that online training was the fastest, most affordable way to fulfill their training obligations.

Swan needed their MSHA Part 46 online training company to meet 5 requirements:

  1. 24/7 access to training that could be done on their schedule
  2. Assistance with MSHA’s complex paperwork
  3. Trustworthy, high quality training
  4. Management tools to ensure all their employees finished the training on time
  5. The best value for their money

After thoroughly researching their options, Swan decided the Mine Safety Center’s online Part 46 training met all their needs. Why?

Training was available 24/7 to all Swan Electric employees, anywhere with an Internet connection. They could sign up a new employee in less than 5 minutes and start their training any time. Their employees could even stop and start modules as needed. Through MSC’s management reporting tools Bill was also able to remotely track his employee’s progress to make sure they completed the training on time.

Bill and his employees also took advantage of MSC’s Free Automated MSHA Training Certificates. When each employee finished their course, the system automatically completed nearly all of the necessary paperwork and provides employers with electronic training records. This dramatically reduces the opportunity for human error and the MSHA fines that can result.

Bill knew the training covered all the necessary topics to safely be in site and meet requirements because the training was designed by Kim Redding, a former MSHA inspector and top mine safety consultant.

Swan Electric was able to fulfill all of MSHA’s part 46 training requirements quickly with zero downtime and correct paperwork.

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MSHA New Miner Training

MSHA New Miner Training: Where To Begin?

There are several training requirements everyone must complete before they are given MSHA Part 46 certification and cleared to work on a mine. For a person who has never worked on a mine the first requirement is MSHA New Miner Training.

In this post, I’ll discuss the requirements of Part 46 new miner training. I’ll go through the Part 48 requirements in a later article. If you’re unsure whether you need Part 46 or Part 48, you need a definitive answer as soon as possible. You can find out if you need Part 46 or Part 48 training by answering a few, simple questions.

Who Should Take An MSHA New Miner Training Course?

To meet MSHA certification training requirements under Part 46, new miners must receive at least 24 hours of mine safety training from a “Competent Person” designated in their Part 46 Safety Training Plan.

MSHA New Miner training must include a minimum of four hours of instruction in nine specific areas before a new miner can begin work.

MSHA New Miner Training Requirements: Mandatory Topics

Part 46 regulations require at least 4 hours of MSHA new miner training prior to the trainee working on-site. This initial training allows the miner to work on a mine site under the observation of an experienced miner while they complete the rest of their MSHA New Miner training. Most companies will have trainees complete at least 8 hours of classroom training.

Part 46 also has time restrictions, though they generally aren’t an issue. The trainee must complete first aid/CPR training within 60 days of starting their training. The trainee must also complete their entire MSHA new miner training within 90 days of starting the training.

Where can you complete the classroom requirements of new miner training?

That depends on your needs. You can hire an MSHA trainer to come to your office. You can find a local class to attend. Or you can move at your own pace by completing large portions of your MSHA new miner training online.

What about the other required hours?

The remaining hours of training cover topics that teach health and safety at the mine. On the job training is not mandatory but highly recommended. Other required training includes:

How do you complete the rest of your MSHA training? Get step-by-step instructions through all the required MSHA training and paperwork. Download your free Contractor Success Kit to speed up and simplify your MSHA compliance.


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Once all of your training is complete, what’s the next step? As soon as anyone finishes new miner training, they need to correctly and completely fill out their Part 46 New Miner certificate. And (of course) it’s a bit more complicated than it sounds.

Click here for a step by step guide to correctly filling out your new miner training paperwork.



Does MSHA training expire? When?

Does MSHA Training Expire? Yes, But…

“Does MSHA training expire?” It’s one of our most asked questions. The short answer is yes. But as with most government rules there are exceptions and nuances. To remain compliant you must take Annual Refresher training every year.

The rules differ on how long you can go without taking Annual Refresher without starting from scratch. Depending on what the mine operation is pulling out of the ground you either need Part 46 or Part 48 training. Need a refresher on 46 vs. 48? You can learn the difference between Part 46 vs. Part 48 here.

MSHA Part 46 Training

Part 46 certification must be renewed every year with an 8 hour Annual Refresher training. There is a small amount of wiggle room. The training does not expire after exactly 365 days. You are compliant until the end of the calendar month one year after your last Annual Refresher training.

Need to read that again? Welcome to MSHA regulations. Let’s try that in plain English. If you finished your MSHA training (training complete, with the certificate signed and dated) on January 3rd you have until the following January 31st to finish your next Annual Refresher training. Or you could make your life easier and use Mine Safety Center’s online MSHA training. Our system will send you an email 60 and 30 days before your MSHA training is due.

Want more MSHA compliance tips from a former MSHA inspector? Download our Free Contractor Success Ebook. You’ll get the info and forms you need to get up to speed.


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Does MSHA training expire completely if you don’t finish within the 1-year window?

No. You are no longer certified to go on a mine after 1 year-(ish) and you will need Refresher training if you plan on working on a mine during that year. But Part 46 training doesn’t fully expire until 2 years after your last MSHA training. At this point, you don’t need to start New Miner training from scratch.

This can be useful for contractors. If you don’t have a mine contract one year you do not need to spend the time or money to take MSHA training. But you will need to make a choice at the end of the second year. If you or your employees don’t take a Refresher Training within 2 years you will need to re-take your 24 hour New Miner training and re-complete your New Miner Training certificates.

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Part 48 MSHA Training

All of the above rules stay the same if you are working on a Part 48 surface mine.

But underground Part 48 mines have different regulations.

30 CFR Part 48 states that an individual who receives 40 hours of training and works for 12 months as an underground miner is considered an “experienced miner.” MSHA rules require any experienced underground miner who has been away from mining for more than five years receive 8 hours of “experienced miner” training before returning to the mine.

What is MSHA Training?

You will need to re-take 40 hours of “new miner” training from a blue card certified trainer if you do not have the 12 months of mining experience. Some States have additional training requirements for miners. Contact the appropriate agency in your state to learn if this applies to you.

So, does MSHA training expire? Yes, but the rules change depending on your specific situation.

One Last Thing

It’s essential to accurately complete your certificates and hold on to your training records, especially your New Miner certificate. There have been instances where contractors lost their New Miner certificate and were forced to completely retake their 24 hour training. For MSHA the proof is always in the paperwork. You can ensure your paperwork and company are MSHA compliant by downloading the Contractor Success Kit. This free Ebook walks you through the MSHA compliance step-by-step to make sure you’re protected.


Need more MSHA compliance info? Download our free Contractor Success Ebook.

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