MSHA Part 46 New Miner Training

MSHA New Miner training (also known as New Hire Training) is exactly what it sounds like.

If you have never taken MSHA training – you must complete MSHA New Miner Certification.

MSHA New Miner Training takes 24 hours to complete although you can start working on site after 8 hours. Mine Safety Center’s 8 hours of training will get you that 8 hours of mandatory training.

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MSHA Compliant New Hire Course Curriculum

  1. Intro to the Work Environment
  2. Introduction to the Avoidance of Hazards
  3. Rules to Live By
  4. Confined Spaces
  5. Guarding Machinery
  6. Electrical Hazards
  7. Blind Spots
  8. Fatalgrams
  9. Fall Protection
  10. Lifting Hazardous Materials
  11. Structural Failures
  12. Blasting Procedures
  13. Firefighting
  14. Health and Safety
  15. Miner’s Rights
  16. Authority and Responsibility
  17. Reporting Hazards
  18. First Aid
  19. HAZCOM
  20. Correctly Completing Certificates

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What’s Included With Each Purchase?

  • 8 hours of online instruction delivered by a Former MSHA Inspector
  • Automatic MSHA paperwork
  • Automatic recurrent MSHA training notifications
  • On-Demand Training – Take lessons all in one setting or 15 minutes at a time
  • Courses developed by certified MSHA trainer, Kim Redding, with over 30 years’ mining experience
  • Complimentary Management Reporting – Monitor your workforce in real time

Why Does MSC Provide 8 Hours of MSHA New Miner Training & Not 24 Hours?

New Miner Training takes 24 hours to complete although you can start working on site after 8 hours. Mine Safety Center’s 8 hours of training will get you that 8 hours of mandatory training. New Miner certification requires a total of 24 hours of training. Our MSHA New Miner training is designed for you to complete those hours in the most efficient way possible.

How? Here’s the deal:

MSHA New Miner training isn’t the only certification needed to legally work on a mine site.

In addition to New Miner training, MSHA requires Task Training for every tool or machine a worker will use in the course of completing their job. Task Training is mandatory and can take a significant amount of time. These hours can either be applied to your New Miner hours or completed separately.

The most efficient way to fulfill your requirements is to apply Task Training hours to your New Miner training. This allows you to tackle 2 mandatory MSHA safety training requirements at the same time.

MSC’s training gets you legal for the mine site with the initial 8 hours of classroom training. Once your classroom training is done you can start work at the mine and you have 90 days to complete the final 16 hours of training.

Frequently Asked MSHA Part 46 New Miner Training Questions

Is the MSHA New Miner training record / certificate different than the Annual Refresher certificate?

Yes, the certificates are slightly different. Here’s an article with our explanation and a step-by-step guide to properly filling out your new miner training certificates.

Some of my employees aren’t good with computers. Will they be able to complete MSC’s online MSHA training?

Absolutely. We designed our MSHA training system so it’s easy to use, even if you’re not a technology person. Every trainee receives an email with instructions on how to start their Part 46 training. After that, they can start training in as few as 4 mouse clicks.

Is Online Training MSHA Approved?

Yes, Part 46 training can be conducted online. Specifically, MSHA 30 CFR 46.4(d) states:

Training methods may consist of classroom instruction, instruction at the mine, interactive computer-based instruction or other innovative training methods, alternative training technologies, or any combination of training methods.

A few of my employees need refresher training and others need MSHA New Miner training. Can we mix and match courses?

Of course! You can assign any MSHA training your company needs. And you can complete MSC’s MSHA annual refresher training 100% online.