Feeling Pressure to Meet MSHA Training Requirements?

Unsure if you’re Meeting the MSHA Training Requirements for Mining Contractors?

Have you or someone you know been recently fined?

Don’t know if you’re following all of these new and complicated MSHA regulations?

Have you heard horror stories of huge fines?

Mining Contractor with stacks of paperwork

“We were starting our first contract on a mine and needed to get compliant immediately. But there was so much conflicting information:

Training, paperwork, mobile equipment safety and compliance.

And I kept hearing about these huge fines we could get… It was overwhelming.

I just needed the answer to one question: As a contractor, what do need to be MSHA compliant?

Piper Heihir Mining Contractor
Piper Heihir
HR Manager, Swan Electric

You’re Not an MSHA Expert! You need Help From an MSHA Expert

Kim Redding and MSC have the Experience and Resources to get a Busy Contractor (like You!) MSHA Compliant.

  • Would you like to Learn exactly what contractor MSHA compliance requires?
  • Need to get your employees MSHA compliant in a hurry?
  • Need to get up to speed on the MSHA Basics?

Kim is a skilled trainer & knows how to convey the right message to employees regarding safety and compliance.

Mike Heenan Mining Contractor

Mike Heenan

Shareholder at Ogletree Deakin

With MSC’s MSHA Part 46 Training You Won’t Worry:

  • If you’ve correctly completed your paperwork
  • If you’ve covered the right Training Topics
  • If you’re taking the right MSHA course
  • If you’ve completed annual refresher training within the required time period
kim redding helping mining contractors

…because a former MSHA inspector has specifically designed the program for MSHA compliance.

“We’re new to working on mines so we loved how the Mine Safety Center’s system did all our training paperwork for us.”

Michelle McCoy msha part 46 training customer

Michelle McCoy
Program Specialist, UIC Inc.

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Meets All MSHA Part 46 Training Requirements.
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