MSHA Part 46 Training Anywhere With an Internet Connection


  • Is MSHA OK with training online?
  • Yes for Part 46. Our Part 46 training was designed by a former MSHA inspector to meet all MSHA standards.

  • What’s included in the course?
  • 8 hours of Part 46 training that meets all MSHA requirements

    An MSHA certificate that completes itself

    Customer support for logistical or technical issues

  • Do I need to take it all at once?
  • You can take the training in small segments or all at once, whichever is most convenient for your schedule.

  • How much does it cost?
  • $95 per person but you can ask about our group discounts

  • Do I need Part 46 or 48 training?
  • We have a video addressing this topic in detail. Briefly, Part 46 applies to anyone who goes on sand and gravel pits, aggregate mines and stone quarries. This includes employees, contractors and customers. Part 48 applies to all coal, metal and mineral mines.

  • Am I signing up for a contract?
  • Nope. You’re under no obligation to purchase anything

  • What Topics are in the New Miner Curriculum?
    1. Intro to the Work Environment
    2. Introduction to the Avoidance of Hazards
    3. Rules to Live By/li>
    4. Confined Spaces
    5. Guarding Machinery
    6. Electrical Hazards
    7. Blind Spots
    8. Fatalgrams
    9. Fall Protection
    10. Lifting Hazardous Materials
    11. Structural Failures
    12. Blasting Procedures
    13. Firefighting
    14. Health and Safety
    15. Miner’s Rights
    16. Authority and Responsibility
    17. Reporting Hazards
    18. First Aid
    19. HAZCOM
    20. Correctly Completing Certificates
  • What Topics are in the Refresher Curriculum?
    1. Instruction on Changes at the Mine
    2. H & S Standards and Applicable Requirements
    3. Transportation Controls and Communication Systems
    4. Emergency Plans and Firefighting
    5. Ground Conditions and Control
    6. Working in Areas of Highwalls
    7. Water Hazards, Pits, and Spoil Banks
    8. Basic First-Aid
    9. Accident Prevention
    10. Mobile Equipment
    11. Health
    12. Maintenance & Repair, Material Handling, Fall Protection
    13. Electrical Hazards
    14. HAZCOM
    15. Correctly Completing Certificates

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  • Training designed by a former MSHA inspector to meet all MSHA standards
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