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Editing or Updating MSHA Trainee Info

MSHA trainee no fines

Every trainee profile needs to be complete in order to get the most out of MSC’s automatic certificate features. You will need some information that is not standard on most paperwork, including:

  1. Each trainee’s full name as it appears on their birth certificate including full middle name (not just an initial) and any suffixes (Jr. etc.)
  2. Each trainee’s email address (if they have one)
  3. The address of the location where the majority of training will take place
  4. Is that location your office, their home or some other location?

It’s usually a good idea to get all this information together before you begin updating your trainee profiles.

How To Update or Edit MSHA Trainee Profiles

  1. Log in to the MSC training portalLogin Screen shot
  2. Click on ‘User Profile Management’ in the main menu: msha trainee edit
  3. Click ‘Search’ to view all employees in the MSC system:msha trainee editing
     Or enter a specific employee’s last name, then hit search to only get one result:  Enter your employee's last name screenshot
  4. Select the box next to the trainee you would like to edit: Screen shot 2016-11-11 at 11.19.29 AM
  5. Click the “Choose Action” field: msha trainee edit
  6. Select “Edit” in the drop-down menu: msha trainee edit
  7. Click on the “Perform Action” button: Hit perform action screenshot It will take you to this screen: msha trainee edit
  8. On this screen, you can add or update the following fields:

First Name

(Full) Middle Name

Last Name

Suffix (Jr., Sr., etc. only if applicable)

Name of Training Location (Home, Office, etc.)





You must complete all of these fields to fully benefit from MSC’s automatic certificate features.

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Your MSHA Workplace Inspection Form Is Wrong- Want One That’s Not?

We have confirmation on the updated MSHA workplace exam rule after some initial confusion around the Trump Administration’s freeze on all Obama regulations not finalized in the Federal Register. The MSHA workplace exam rule will go into effect on May 23rd as scheduled. This means your current MSHA workplace inspection form will soon be wrong.

Has anyone come up with an MSHA workplace inspection form that meets the new requirements? Yes, and you can get it for free. More on that later.

MSHA workplace inspection form worksite

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MSHA Workplace Exam Rules Just Got Harder

It’s official, the new MSHA workplace exam rule will go into effect May 23rd, 2017. We covered this rule change when it was proposed in July. Safety officials and managers across the country had a negative reaction to the proposal, to say the least (more on that later).

What’s in the “New” MSHA Workplace Exam Rule?

Let’s review what’s happening with the MSHA workplace exam rule. There are 4 main changes that will have a massive impact on how mines across the country conduct their workplace exams.

The updated Workplace Exam standard requires:

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October is Mining’s Deadliest Month

3 Mine Safety Tips for Changing of Seasons

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Mine safety is a constant work in progress.

Sure everyone buys in during training and safety events, that’s good. But the true test of a safety culture is when your team needs to hit a deadline during the most dangerous month of the year. As MSHA reminds us, “October historically ranks as the deadliest month in metal and nonmetal.”

And in today’s post, I’m going to show you 3 hidden dangers that could impact your company’s safety this fall.

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New MSHA Workplace Exam Law A Disaster (And 1 Way To Stop It)

MSHA Workplace exam rule proposal is cause for concern

Newly Proposed MSHA Workplace Exam Law is Unnecessary, Counterproductive, and Ineffective. The Good News? We Can Still Stop It.

MSHA is pushing for new, unnecessary rules again. This time they’re holding public comment meetings for a potentially disastrous MSHA workplace exam law.

The proposed rule change was immediately met with a chorus of skepticism from industry leaders when it was introduced last month.

MSC co-founder, Kim Redding, attended the first public comment meeting in Salt Lake on July 19th with a representative of our partner organization CalCIMA. Both experts had an opportunity to ask questions in an attempt to clarify potential troubling points within the proposed rule change. Kim’s goal was to discern the agency’s goals and motives in pushing for the new MSHA workplace exam law.

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What is an MSHA Competent Person?

Stack Of Files

MSHA requires a “competent person” to deliver and sign all Part 46 training and paperwork. But that raises a lot of questions with very few clear answers. What exactly does “Competent Person” mean? Who decides if someone is competent and how? Does our competent person need to be MSHA approved? Does my MSHA competent person need to provide all of our training?

You’ll get an answer below to the most frequently asked Part 46 MSHA competent person questions. And if I don’t answer your question, let me know in the comments. I want this article to be as useful for you as possible.

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“Enhanced” MSHA Rules To Live By Enforcement Announced

MSHA Rules To Live By Enhanced Enforcement

“Enhanced” MSHA Rules To Live By Enforcement Begins July 1st, Will Affect Both Operators and Contractors

In a press release distributed on June 26th, MSHA announced “Enhanced” enforcement of its MSHA Rules To Live By standards.

MSHA’s news release states:

On July 1, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration will begin enhanced enforcement of “Rules to Live By,” its initiative of standards commonly cited following mine deaths, and nine underground coal mine exam rule standards focused on the greatest risks to miners in underground coal mines.

While 2015 was the safest year ever for mining in the US, it appears Joe Mains is determined for one final push during the last few months of his tenure.

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MSHA Fines Triple With 1 Awful Tactic (And What To Do About It)

MSHA Fines tricky tactic

How A Few Words Cost Thousands in MSHA Fines

MSHA inspectors are at your mine for one reason: to find violations and write tickets. Once they find a violation, they must determine how they should mark the violation to assess MSHA fines.

One of the major determining factors for marking MSHA fines as “Negligence” or “High Negligence” is how long management knew about a violation without taking action. When I was an MSHA inspector I would always ask “How long has that existed?” when writing a ticket. Many times inspectors will suggest how long a violation existed. Something like, “It looks like that’s been broken for a few years, don’t you think?”

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MSHA Inspector Actions Are Cause For MSHA Regulation Concern

MSHA Expands Jurisdiction - Again

MSHA Inspector Actions and Transfers Are Cause For Industry Concern

I think you’ll agree when I say complying with MSHA regulations is harder than ever. Regulations seem to vary wildly from one inspector to the next. You never know what will happen when an MSHA inspector shows up.

MSHA seems determined to constantly push (and expand) the boundaries of federal regulations.

This week there were serious signs that MSHA will be stepping up their M/NM enforcement even further and is pushing for more jurisdiction – yet again.

MSHA Inspector Crosses The Line

Our expert, Kim Redding, reports that MSHA is attempting to claim jurisdiction over commercial sales yards, even if they don’t have any mining activity. MSHA has no precedent for claiming jurisdiction (more on that later) and has – to our knowledge – never previously attempted to regulate commercial sale yards.

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Quarterly MSHA Training Call

Quarterly MSHA Training Call

Notes on the Q1 Quarterly MSHA Training Call

The Q1 Quarterly MSHA training call was held on April 27th, 2016 and contained quite a few bits of new information. Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health, Joe Mains opened with an overview of 2015 and looking forward at 2016. Mr. Mains commented that the safest year ever in the U.S. for mine safety and health. He specifically pointed to the drop in silica and respirable dust levels every year since the black lung initiative began.

Mr. Mains also touted the new pattern of violations rules as a success.  When MSHA established the new POV rules in 2010 there were 51 mines that were subject to POV status. In 2016 there was only 1 which didn’t even fully meet the criteria. (I would argue at least some of that drop was companies adjusting to the new rules, but I’ll get into my thoughts in a bit.)

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